When you are shopping for a studio microphone, you will come across various brands ranging in different prices depending on their quality. Each microphone has specifications and associated features that make it unique from others. Choosing the best model of studio microphone can be confusing especially when new to the market.

Making comparisons might take a lot of time because the varieties are many. To avoid this confusion, you need research in the best microphone to use in your studio. Ensure you choose wisely, consider microphones such as the lyxpro. You also need the following guideline to help you buy the best studio microphone that matches your budget and needs.

How Will You Use the Microphone?

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This is an important question that you need to ask yourself before you choose a microphone for your studio. Different microphones are designed for various functions. Find out if you need the microphone purposely for on stage or whether you will use it in a home-studio recording.

When you answer these questions, you will be able to buy a microphone that will match your environment. Besides all these considerations, you must ensure you buy a less sensitive and affordable microphone. You can also choose a multipurpose microphone that can work effectively both in the studio and on the stage.

Understand the Specs of the Microphone

It is obvious that a buyer must understand the specs of the studio microphone that he or she intends to buy. It is important to understand the fundamental knowledge of the microphone and figure out if it is the best choice for the studio activities.

Some of the primary specifications of a perfect microphone include the polar patterns, which is the microphone’s sensitivity, the multi-pattern microphones with interchangeable capsules and finally the frequency response of the microphone.

Understand the Types of Microphones and their Application

If you need more than one microphone for your studio, you need to figure out the exact models to make your studio fully equipped. You need to be aware that microphones fall under two categories, which include dynamic microphones and condenser microphones.

You should search for information and figure out why you need to buy various types of microphones in your studio. Learn about the distinctions between the dynamic and the condenser microphones and the respective applications.


lyxpro microphoneIt is important to buy a studio microphone that will function for a long time. You need to consider all aspects that will make the microphone last longer than you expect. You should always check the reviews of the studio microphones before buying.

The construction and design can also determine durability. In your search for a studio microphone, pay attention to the material used in the manufacturing process and choose the model that will last longer.

Similarly, the microphone should have a cover to avoid wearing out since it is prone to contact almost all the time. Finally, ensure that the microphone has the right size, height as well as the right weight to allow it last longer.