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Planning Tips for Your House or Other Real Estate Construction Project

Having a construction project is a big issue especially when you are starting out. Sometimes you have to also deal with family and job issues that push you further away from a hands-on control ability. However, there are recommended tools to help you retain accountability and control over the project irrespective of its size. Many of the available recommendations come from known project management tips, and that is what you should be following. However, each project is unique, and you have to input specific concerns and issues affecting your particular project. The points outlined below help to make cost estimation and construction project handling for you.


homeExplain your Expectations

The first step to follow in any construction project is to make sure the stakeholders understand your expectations. For instance, let the contractor know how long you are giving them to work on the project. Also, give your subcontractors and neighbors the right information about what you are dealing with and the time or disturbance issues you expect. Letting other people know your position in the given project helps them to understand you. That way, you can get concessions later if things do not go as planned. At least you informed them, and they were aware of your intentions.


Use a Template

Rather than starting to calculate everything from scratch, which will be mentally painful, use templates. Other people already worked on similar projects, and the experts collected the likely features of such projects. They then presented them as construction estimate template excel. The template lets you input your data quickly based on the parameters of your project. You end up with a clear plan, time-frame, cost estimate, and a visualization of the results or challenges of the project.


Use Updated Information

Another known problem afflicting most housing construction projects is the use of outdated information. If you are adding assets, then you should consider their present values. You should also work with current rates for hourly payments, permits, and similar calculations. Updated information is usually available from the relevant authority websites that handle instances of construction in your locality. You do not want to be stuck with an outlawed structure because you relied on outdated local government regulations.


Work with Reputable Experts

All construction projects require more than one person to complete. You must have a well-functioning team. You need to work with experts. Help them to know what is important, and pay attention to their recommendation and decisions. Reputable experts are important since they are unlikely to defraud you. They also provide many options for each resolution and let you choose the time, quality, and cost options that are most relevant to your project. Experts will also be able to work with the latest tools for planning and management of the construction project.


home buildingBe Careful with the Materials Used

Another source of project challenges arises with the choice of materials. The materials considered affect the working time, the cost, and the quality of the project. Your construction template should let you do a quick calculation and a cost-benefit analysis letting you make the right choice.…


Six Benefits of Corporate Performance Management Software

A successful company is that which puts the needs of its employees ahead. Employees become productive when their needs are catered for. One way of motivating them is by giving them the required performance appraisal based on their progress and performance. Corporate performance management software is designed to help managers evaluate the performance, development, and progress of employees based on the goals of the organization. The software can be used to implement various tasks in departments. Below are some of the six benefits an organization realizes by using the software.



The software allows a company to evaluate the performance of groups and individuals openly and transparently. It helps to eliminate instances of biasness where some employees may feel favored. The software also aids in determining how managers in certain departments or levels plan guide, control and systemize their tasks.

Saves Time and Money

Large and medium-sized companies often experience lots of difficulties when it comes to managing data and other tasks. The software, however, can be utilized to handle various managerial tasks to save the time needed in answering employee queries, processing of paychecks and much more. Besides, the software comes with mobile functionality meaning anyone can access it anywhere. The less manual data entry is a sure way of saving both time and effort. The software also provides online document storage and configurable workflows to help reduce the time spent on paperwork thus transforming people and improving time management.

Intuitive User Interface

The most desirable thing about corporate performance management software is that it is easy to use and can be integrated quickly into any organization. Those who may not be familiar with the software can get free tutorials and learn more on how to use the software.

Promotes Team Work

The software can be accessed easily by members of a team. This helps to improve collaboration between various departments through publishing or read-only files, scheduling of reports through emails, Microsoft Excel files and Microsoft SharePoint and much more. Additionally, the software allows multiple viewing options are making the data easy-t0-digest. The flexible viewing also enhances visibility in a company thus eliminating guesswork. Through the promotion of teamwork, corporate performance management software enhance the overall performance of an organization.


Cushions against Costly Errors

Certain errors require instant address and can be very costly if overlooked. The software provides reliable real-time automated alerts that help to eliminate such errors. Whether it is the payrolls or any other critical aspect, the software helps to improve accuracy.


Improved Security

Large companies tend to experience difficulties when it comes to storing massive data. With this secure software, management and storage of such data become a breeze. Only the admin grants permission of access to the whole report gallery and specific files and folders. This tends to improve the security and safety of an organization’s critical files.



Bottom Line

A powerful corporate performance management software is a key ingredient to any modern success-minded company. It is fast, convenient and reliable in handling all the major managerial and performance appraisal tasks. The above are the top benefits that an organization can reap from using the software.…

Spy camera USB

Buyers Guide for the Best USB Spy Camera

If you need a spying camera for your reasons, the USB spy cam is the best option that you have to consider. A spy cam is a ubiquitous object that will help you to keep an eye and record events secretly; however, this device should be used exceptional without violating one’s privacy.

With the multiple brands of the spy camera, you need to have a guide to choosing the best product from a reputable dealer such as GadgetsSpy. A quality spy USB camera with the best features will help you in the best surveillance as an extra eye or record useful information. The following contents is a beginner’s guide to buying the best USB spy camera.

Consider the Camera Quality

spy camera pen

You need to consider the quality of the camera so that you can capture clear information depending on what you need. There are many aspects of the camera that you need to consider such as the resolution and the distance it can attain clarity. For instance, if you need to use it to record your children or nanny in the house, then you do not need the best quality camera.

On the other hand, if you want to surveil your store or record important information on your work premises, you will need the best camera for the best video resolution. The best cam should be able to record videos with a resolution of 1080p.


Size is one of the most considerable factors when you are looking for the best USB spy camera. These spy cameras come in different sizes to suit different functionality and purpose.

However, the general size is limited to a friendly and compatible size to avoid suspicion. Depending on how you want to use the USB spy camera, you need to choose the most appropriate size to avoid causing unnecessary drama especially when it is noticeable.

Wifi Compatibility

The internet of things has transformed most gadgets functionality including the USB spy cam. You need to choose a product that is compatible with wifi to ensure it is recording in the real time. This type of spy cam will enable you to monitor every event that is happening in the particular place that you want to record.

The advantage with a wifi compatible spy cam is that it will notify you whenever there is movement in the area under surveillance. You will be able to know right away when there is an action going on in that particular place.

Night Vision

mini camera recorder

Night vision is an important consideration when you are choosing the best USB spy cam. You need to prioritize a product that can record events even in the dark. Ensure the camera has the night vision technology if you are planning to record a place on a 24/7 basis.

The camera should be able to scan motions to produce a clear video that is easy to see what is going on. Therefore, you need to ensure that the cam supports night vision for convenience when recording in the dark.…

artificial intelligence

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Business Grow

Human beings have natural intelligence while machines have artificial intelligence (AI). You need both of these types of intelligence for your business to grow. I am sure you already know how natural intelligence can help your business grow. The question that begs answers now is, how can artificial intelligence help your business grow? I will answer this question in this article.

AI Improves Production Levels

For your business to grow, it must produce more goods than it is producing now and increase its sales volumes. That is where artificial intelligence comes in. With machines being able to work tirelessly around the clock, it is possible to produce more goods every other day.

Standardizes Production

ai in businessIncreasing the production levels per unit time is one thing and standardizing production is another. Every business dreams of producing standardized products that meet the industry requirements. It is challenging to produce standardized products when relying entirely on human beings. It is said to err is human. Unlike machines, people get bored, forget some things, retire and even die at some point. That is why machines in this artificial intelligence era are now playing highly repetitive tasks in businesses that were previously performed by human beings. Once a computer is programmed to do a specific job in a particular way, it does exactly that, other things remaining constant.

AI Speeds Up Production

Machines can work faster than human beings. Therefore, on top of increasing the amount of overall production, artificial intelligence speeds up the output of goods per unit time. This means that customers get their goods in good time. It also means that the business can operate at the minimum stock levels since products can be produced immediately after they are ordered.

AI Automates Production

Artificial intelligence is also applied in workflow automation. A business needs to automate its production process for it to grow and compete with its rivals. With artificial intelligence, machines can learn and understand the flow of a production process then plan and schedule tasks accordingly. This way, production of goods continue unceasingly, and the business can achieve and exceed its production goals.

Artificial Intelligence Minimizes Costs

A business needs to reduce its operational costs if it is to grow. Artificial intelligence can help businesses reduce the costs associated with hiring several members of staff. And now with the emerging AI Customer Service, machines do much of the work and business will reduce on costs incured. As you would expect, a lot of capital is required to embrace artificial intelligence in your business entirely. However, the operational costs are greatly reduced after a short period of using more machines than people.

In summary, like it or not, the rate at which machines are replacing people at the workplace is alarming. As a business, you have to adapt to these changes to grow. Indeed, almost all sectors in the economy have embraced artificial intelligence. AI has wide applications in businesses, education, and healthcare. In law, it is applied in the discovery of various legal aspects of a certain case and sifting through the relevant documents in the litigation process. Therefore, if you have a law firm, you should consider embracing it in your operations. It will help your business grow.…

cbd oil

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Most people love remedies due to their uses. Cannabidiol oil is, therefore, gaining popularity because it is one of the best medications that are commonly used by many people today. The CBD oil is extracted from a hemp plant. Many users who have used this oil can explain its benefits, but one thing that can never be ignored is the incredible healing power of the hemp oil. However, before you decide to use this natural remedy, it is essential to understand how to extract cbd oil.

If you are planning to use the CBD oil, make sure that you understand the two main types of CBD oil products. The Marijuana-based CBD and hemp-based CBD are the two different forms of CBD products that you can find. Therefore, below are some of the health benefits of CBD oil.

It Can Relieve the Pain

pain reliefIt is essential to understand that marijuana has been used to treat pain. But in the recent research, the scientists have discovered out that there are various components of marijuana that can also be used to reduce the level of pain.

Moreover, in a human body, there is a specialized system known as endocannabinoid that is involved in regulating various functions such as immune system response, pain, appetite, and sleep. Therefore, a human body will produce endocannabinoids that are bind to the cannabinoid receptors. But CBD can help in reducing the chronic pain by interacting with neurotransmitters and reducing inflammation.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the common mental health disorders that can later affect one’s health and well-being. These two disorders are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs that can then cause various side effects such as a headache, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, agitation, and drowsiness. But thanks to CBD oil because it has shown promise just as a treatment for both anxiety and depression. Most people have been using this oil to treat anxiety in children and insomnia.

May Reduce Acne

reduces acneAcne is a common skin condition that is affecting many people across the world today. It is caused by various factors including underlying inflammation, bacteria, and even genetics. However, scientists have confirmed that CBD oil can be used to treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to reduce the sebum production.

The CBD oil can prevent sebaceous glands from producing excessive sebum, and this, therefore, will prevent or reduce acne. Lastly, there are many benefits that one can get from this remedy based on the condition he or she is suffering from.…


How to Buy the Best Studio Microphone

When you are shopping for a studio microphone, you will come across various brands ranging in different prices depending on their quality. Each microphone has specifications and associated features that make it unique from others. Choosing the best model of studio microphone can be confusing especially when new to the market.

Making comparisons might take a lot of time because the varieties are many. To avoid this confusion, you need research in the best microphone to use in your studio. Ensure you choose wisely, consider microphones such as the lyxpro. You also need the following guideline to help you buy the best studio microphone that matches your budget and needs.

How Will You Use the Microphone?

girl in the studio

This is an important question that you need to ask yourself before you choose a microphone for your studio. Different microphones are designed for various functions. Find out if you need the microphone purposely for on stage or whether you will use it in a home-studio recording.

When you answer these questions, you will be able to buy a microphone that will match your environment. Besides all these considerations, you must ensure you buy a less sensitive and affordable microphone. You can also choose a multipurpose microphone that can work effectively both in the studio and on the stage.

Understand the Specs of the Microphone

It is obvious that a buyer must understand the specs of the studio microphone that he or she intends to buy. It is important to understand the fundamental knowledge of the microphone and figure out if it is the best choice for the studio activities.

Some of the primary specifications of a perfect microphone include the polar patterns, which is the microphone’s sensitivity, the multi-pattern microphones with interchangeable capsules and finally the frequency response of the microphone.

Understand the Types of Microphones and their Application

If you need more than one microphone for your studio, you need to figure out the exact models to make your studio fully equipped. You need to be aware that microphones fall under two categories, which include dynamic microphones and condenser microphones.

You should search for information and figure out why you need to buy various types of microphones in your studio. Learn about the distinctions between the dynamic and the condenser microphones and the respective applications.


lyxpro microphoneIt is important to buy a studio microphone that will function for a long time. You need to consider all aspects that will make the microphone last longer than you expect. You should always check the reviews of the studio microphones before buying.

The construction and design can also determine durability. In your search for a studio microphone, pay attention to the material used in the manufacturing process and choose the model that will last longer.

Similarly, the microphone should have a cover to avoid wearing out since it is prone to contact almost all the time. Finally, ensure that the microphone has the right size, height as well as the right weight to allow it last longer.…


Reasons Why You Need to Online Data Back Up

There are some data that if you lose, your business will come to a standstill and that is the last thing that you want. This is why ensuring that your data is secure is very important. One of the best ways that you can use to protect your data is by backing your data. If you have not backed up your information, then it is probably because you do not know the many benefits that are associated with protecting your information.

Simple Recovery

dataSometimes you find that the unexpected happens to your computer and you lose your information. If you had not backed up your data, you will find it hard to recover it and that might lead to your business operations may come to a standstill. On the other hand, if you have your information backed up, you will not have to worry about anything. This is because the process of revering your information will just take a few minutes.


The technology seems to be making life simpler for us. Things such as the Internet, Voice, Local Cloud & Datacenter are meant to make sure that you can you do not have a hard time when it comes to protecting your data. Another good thing with online back up is that you can access your information from any point that you are. This makes it possible for you to concentrate on your work without having to worry about data loss.


Online backup also ensures that your data is safe from malicious people. Physical threats such as theft, floods, and fire will never be an issue for you. In fact, if you are handling sensitive data that is not supposed to be touched by other people, then you might want to consider online backup. However, you need to make sure that you choose a reputable online company. This is because not all of them can be trusted to offer you reliable data protection services. Be sure to inquire from your friends.


dataYou also want to make sure that you do not use a lot of money in ensuring that your information is protected. Cloud-based back up is actually less expensive as compared to other means of backing up your information. Also, when using online, you do not have to think about buying software and hardware that are needed for the task. You will also do not have to think about hiring the staff that will handle the task as it will be taken care of by someone else.…


Qualities of Good Software

Technology now is the order of the world. It is almost impossible to run a successful business without the thought of employing technology. If you take some time to do your research, you will discover that those businesses that fail to employ technology in running their business affairs find their way to extinction.

So, if you are thinking of taking your business to the next level by buying the right software, then this article is meant for you.

The following are the qualities that are associated with great software:

Makes Work Easier

working on a desktop

Before you decide on the software that you are going to buy, it is good to ensure that it will help to make your work easier as far as running your business is concerned.

Software are meant to serve a particular purpose and if you realize that they cannot help make work easier for you, then there is no need for you to buy them.

Before you buy a software, you should test it just to make sure that you are dealing with the right thing. Let the developer prove to you that indeed it was what you were looking for.

Easy to Use

Another quality that is associated with great software is that they are easy to use. Software are designed for both people who have intensive knowledge in matters to do with technology and average users. A software that is hard to use may prove to be unproductive as many people might not have the opportunity to make proper use of it.

Easy to Maintain

laptopA software is like any other machine that can experience problems anytime. Let no one cheat you that there is a code that can never have bugs.

The thing is that the software should make it easy for you to fix the bugs and ensure that the software can be used comfortably.

Some developers are just bad. They can sell a system that they are the only people who can fix bugs. That is bad, and you should never accept such systems.


technologyA good software should give room for expansion. Businesses are bound to expand with time, and the developer should take that into account. It is not a good practice that when you want to do something else, you do away with the original code that you had.

Instead, the code should allow you to re-use or convert it to suit your business need if such demands arise. You can check out dam software to learn more.…

web hosting servers

SiteGround vs HostGator: Which is The Better Web Hosting?

A website hosted by a poor web hosting company is like a house built on quicksand. Structural problems are bound to arise. Choosing the right web hosting is crucial to your online success. The wrong choice will land you in problems such as loss of income as a result of the website going offline due to unscheduled downtimes and loss of rankings because of your website going offline quite often. There is also the risk of security attacks and security breaches.

Uptime Numbers

website downtime

The most important quality of any web hosting company is the uptime it can provide to clients. Uptime is the time a website is operational and effectively up as well as running. Especially for businesses that host their operations softwares and backup systems online, a guaranteed uptime is important. The opposite of this is downtime. The best web hosting should give you excellent uptime.

Both SiteGround and HostGator guarantee 99.99% uptime. This means that there’s only a 0.01% chance of downtime on your website. For HostGator, the uptime is the same for all plans. Thus even if you choose the simplest price plan, your guaranteed uptime remains the same. On the other hand, SiteGround gives you the same for all plans, and it has custom programming, which helps in detecting any potential problems and fixes them before they even occur.

 Hosting Speed

HostGator has an average speed of 1.25 seconds. It uses an approach which is hardware-based through the addition of more equipment and services layers. It has invested in VPS servers which helps it gain this superiority when it comes to speed.

On the other hand, SiteGround has a speed of 1.5 seconds meaning that it is slower. Its approach towards maximizing speed is the use of SuperCacher which is a caching program. The SuperCacher helps keep things moving at high speed. Although SiteGround is slower, it has made improvements using its caching system which it offers for premium plans. So if you choose a premium plan, you might get better speeds than HostGator.

Server-Response Time

Serves are clustered hard drives located in an off-site and secure place. Each machine’s speed has a huge impact on how fast the particular site is.

HostGator employs a huge network of servers which work together in keeping balance and ensuring stability. As a result, a healthy server is maintained.

On the other hand, SiteGround gives room for surges in the server loads. It does this by maintaining the general loads a bit lower on purpose. This allows them to take care of increased server loads which normally occur on special occasions or during holidays. Because of this approach, SiteGround is better at handling huge server loads.


wallet with moneySiteGround has three shared web hosting plans with upgrading options. They have a monthly visitors limit of 100, 000 which is good for marketing services and bloggers.

Its plans are Web Hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting which cost $3.95, $54, and $217.50 every month respectively.

HostGator also has three upgradable web hosting plans. The plans are hatching plan, baby plan, and business plan costing $3.96, $6.36, and $10.36 per month respectively. For high-traffic websites, it has Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting costing $19.96, $ 11.97, and $105.00 per month respectively.

Points of ComparisonHostGatorSiteGround
Uptime99.99 %99.99 %
Hosting Speed1.25 seconds (Faster)1.5 seconds
Server Response TimeEmploys a huge network of servers
Gives room for surges in the server loads (Better)
CostCheaperMore expensive

Both companies have great services, and thus the choice depends on the key features, you want.…

a girl taking videos

Travel Vlogging Tips That Can Get You More Viewers

A travel vlog should have the capacity to make the viewers experience the same thing as the vlogger does. The shooting angle, the point of view, and the language are important factors that can affect whether a vlog is engaging to its viewer or not.

Sometimes, a travel vlog does not have to be longer than a minute, especially if the taken scene is already captivating viewers, such as the magnificent rainbow in Niagara waterfalls, a crystal clear underwater view, or an eery yet majestic spots of a cave.

Ordinary tourist attractions are the ones that need a longer narration as they are too familiar to discuss and have the potency to be just another cliche story.

The key to creating a travel vlog that can attract many audiences camera techniques, message delivery, and also the editing synergize altogether. Here, we are going to learn about them.

Deciding on Your Gadgets

You must know that recording your journey with a full camera set is not always good. First, you need more time to edit the result, which will make it appear as less personal to the audience. If compared to a vlog made with a smartphone that broadcasts in real time through YouTube or Instagram live, a professional vlog will feel less intimate. It does not give the viewers live immersive experience.

hitech devices

Get a Platform

Of course, for your viewers to get that first class experience of viewing your Vlog, it is best to select a platform that you find a joy to work with. There are numerous free platforms like the major social media sites, or you can decide to self host your own site. All you need is a reliable web host, and an open source CMS to run the website. In either case, viewer satisfaction should be the focus.

Fast Editing Apps for Phones

Smartphones facilitate the capability to record videos as well as editing them right away on the phone. Learn the easy guide to join clips, and you can enjoy the easiness of combining several short videos into one. It is handy if you want to make a video footage.

Other video editors you will need will be the ones that can do the basics, such as trimming videos, adding texts, music, and special effects. For Android, ActionDirector Video Editor or Adobe Premiere Clip will do the tricks. For iPhones, iMovies is more than enough.

Balance Exposure of Yourself and the Surrounding

selfieThe common mistake of a travel vlogger is that he/she shows too much or too little of themselves in the videos. What the viewers want to see is the environment, the eye-capturing scenery, and a bit of you reading them.

You can also include other people on the screen to make your shows more interactive with the local populace. The viewers want to know how the people perceive their surroundings too.

Reducing the Noise and Disruption

noisy crowdEven if you are visiting a crowded tourist destination, like Bangkok, pick a place that can make your voice hearable. Too much background noise will distract your viewers from enjoying the content that you are presenting.

Apple users can install VideoSoap for the noise reduction purpose. For Android users, you can have Snapseed or Noise Reducer. But all of them will not be necessary if you pick the right time at the right spot.

You must also avoid creating shaky videos. It can make the viewers dizzy and disrupt their focus on the video itself. For scenes that have too much mobility, you can opt to wear a helmet with a stationary action camera.…

apple computer being repaired

How to Hire the Best Computer Repair Company

If you own a laptop, desktop or a smartphone, you will need repair services from time to time. Selecting these services should not be taken lightly. There are some important factors to be put into consideration.

You should be keen to choose a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the repair of a variety of modern computer devices. This way, you will be assured of quality and fantastic experience.

This article will help you understand some of the factors that you need to look at when hiring a computer repair company.

Strong Portfolio

a guy browsingThe company you want to choose should have a huge list of satisfied customers. There are many companies offering repair services, but you need to pick one that offers the best service.

This can only be proven if the company has happy customers. This is the only way you can be sure that the company offers quality services.

Someone is wondering, where am I supposed to get the list of satisfied customers? Visit their social media pages and see what other customers have to say about them. The reviews and ratings given mean so much about their services.

Leading Computer Specialists

In addition to a company with a huge list of customers, choose a company with good evaluations and reviews. This should be so online and by word of mouth. If people talk positive about a company, there is no doubt that the company offers the best services. Set time aside and investigate on what previous customers are saying about the company.

expert on computer

You should also select a company with qualified and experienced professionals. This way, you will be sure that your computer will be handled by good technicians and that you will get it back in good condition.

Should Offer Virus and Data Recovery Services

A good computer repair shop must be able to offer data recovery and virus removal services with ease, especially with the increased cases of hackers attacking computers worldwide, using viruses .

There is no way a company will claim to be good at computer repair while it cannot take care of data recovery and virus removal.

This should be the first question you should ask a computer repair company.

The above tips should be a major point of consideration when selecting a company to repair your computer. Always follow your instinct and choose a company, which gives you the value of your money and security of your computer.…

laptop used for hacking

How to Protect Your PC from Hackers

Hackers are seen as a group of scary people whether they are working on theft or on a genuine mission. They have the knowledge and ability to access your computer and get as much information as they will need about an individual or a business.

The information accessed is used to exploit or steal from the owner. Every computer owner is worried that their device gets hacked and identities are stolen. What many people are not aware of is that there are numerous virus removal and updating systems, which can help you protect your computer from hackers. This article will give some tips to help you protect your business and personal data from hackers.


It is advisable always to make sure that you install an effective antivirus program on your computer to protect it from hackers. There are many anti-malware and anti-virus programs, which can help you secure your computer. All you need to do is choose the most effective one. You can as well subscribe to online computer repair services, or seek the help of a computer specialist.


Avoid the Use of Open Wi-Fi

Online hackers use open Wi-Fi connections to access your network and steal important files. Always protect your wireless connections with strong and encrypted passwords. It is important to refresh your computer from time to time as well. Some computers have routers, which are not patched or updated.

Smart Internet Habits

sending emailsThere are many phishing campaigns on the Internet day in day out. You must be careful not to fall prey for such. Hackers are getting advanced daily. They always come up with something new to get what they need. Before opening new emails, check who the sender is. Only open emails from genuine companies or people. If you cannot identify the sender, pay attention to the sentence structure, selection, and formatting.

Change Your Passwords from Time to Time

woman using a laptopIt is always advisable to use strong and difficult passwords. Another tip on passwords is that you need to change them more often. Never use the same password for all your accounts or devices.

Some people use same passwords for purposes or easy remembrance, but it is never a good idea. If you must use the same password, install password manager. Two-step authentication is another great move to make sure that your computer is safe from hackers.…