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Travel Vlogging Tips that Can Get You More Viewers

Travel Vlogging Tips that Can Get You More Viewers

A travel vlog should have the capacity to make the viewers experience the same thing as the vlogger do. The shooting angle, the point of view, and language are factors that can affect whether a vlog is engaging to its viewer. And sometimes, a travel vlog does not have to be longer than a minute, especially if the taken scene is already captivating viewers, such as the magnificent rainbow in Niagara waterfalls, a crystal clear underwater view, or an eery yet majestic spots of a cave. Ordinary tourist attractions are the ones that need a longer narration as they are too familiar to discuss and have the potency to be just another cliche story.

Anyway, the key to creating a travel vlog that can attract many audiences camera techniques, message delivery, and also the editing synergize altogether. Here, we are going to learn about them.

Deciding on your gadgets

Heavy EquipmentYou must know that recording your journey with a full camera set is not always good. First, you need more time to edit the result, which will make it appear as less personal to the audience. If compared to a vlog made with a smartphone that broadcasts in real time through YouTube or Instagram live, a professional vlog will feel less intimate. It does not give the viewers live immersive experience.

Fast editing apps for phones

Smartphones facilitate its user the capability to record videos as well as editing them right away on the phone. Learn the easy guide to join clips, and you can enjoy the easiness of combining several short videos into one. It is handy if you want to make a footage video.

Other video editors you will need will be the ones that can do the basics, such as trimming videos, adding text, music, and special effects. For Android, ActionDirector Video Editor or Adobe Premiere Clip will do the tricks. For iPhones, iMovies is more than enough.

Balance exposure of yourself and the surrounding

Capturing MomentsThe common mistake of a travel vlogger is that he/she shows too much or too little of themselves in the videos. What the viewers want to watch are the situation of the environment, the eye-capturing scenery, and a bit of you reading them.

You can also include other people on the screen to make your shows more interactive with the local populace. The viewers want to know how the people perceive their surrounding too.

Reducing the noise and disruption

Even if you are visiting a crowded tourist destination, like Bangkok, pick a place that can make your voice hearable. Too much background noise will distract your viewers from enjoying the content that you are presenting.

Noise reductionApple users can install VideoSoap for the noise reduction purpose. For Android users, you can have Snapseed or Noise Reducer. But all of them will not be necessary if you pick the right time at the right spot.

You must also avoid creating shaky videos. It can make the viewers dizzy and disrupt their focus on the video itself. For scenes that have too much mobility, you can opt to wear a helmet with a stationary action camera. It will enable you a more stable shoot during actions.…

How to Hire The Best Computer Repair Company

How to Hire The Best Computer Repair Company

If you own a laptop, desktop or a smartphone, you will need repair services from time to time. Selecting computer repair services should not be taken lightly. There are some important factors to be put into consideration. Other than having the factors in mind, you should be keen to choose a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the repair of a variety of modern computer devices. This way, you will be assured of quality and fantastic experience. This article will help you understand some of the factors you need to look at when hiring a computer repair company. Read on.

Strong portfolio

desktop repairThe company you want to choose should have a huge list of satisfied customers. There are many companies offering repair services, but you need to choose that which offers the best repair. This can only be proven if the company has a huge list of satisfied customers. This is the only way you can be sure that the company offers quality services. Someone is wondering, where am I supposed to get the list of satisfied customers? Visit their social media pages and see what other customers have to say about them. The reviews and ratings given mean so much about their services.

Select one of the leading computer specialists

In addition to a company with a huge list of customers, choose a company with good evaluations and reviews. This should be so online and by word of mouth. If people talk positive about a company, there is no doubt that the company offers the best services. Set time aside and investigate on what previous customers are saying about the company. You should select a company with qualified and experienced professionals. This way you will be sure that your computer will be handled by good technicians and that you will get it back in good condition.

Should offer virus and data recovery services

broken smartphoneA good computer repair shop must be able to offer data recovery and virus removal services with ease. There is no way a company will claim to be good at computer repair while it cannot take care of data recovery and virus removal. This should be the first question you ask a computer repair company. The above tips should be a major point of consideration when selecting a company to repair your computer. Always follow your instinct and choose a company which gives you the value of your money and security of your computer.…

How to Protect Your PC From Hackers

How to Protect Your PC From Hackers

Hackers are seen as a group of scary people whether they are working on theft or genuine mission. Hackers have the knowledge and ability to access your computer and get as much information as they will need about an individual or a business. The information accessed is used to exploit or steal from the owner. Every computer owner is worried that their computer gets hacked and identities were stolen. What many people are not aware of is that there are numerous virus removal and updating systems which can help you protect your computer from hackers. This article will give some tips to help you protect your business and personal data from hackers. Read on.


anti virus, securityIt is advisable always to make sure that you install an effective antivirus program on your computer to protect it from hackers. There are many anti-malware and anti-virus programs which can help you secure your computer. All you need to do is choose the most effective one. You can as well subscribe to online computer repair services.

Avoid the use of open Wi-Fi

Online hackers use open Wi-Fi connections to access your network and steal important files. Always protect your wireless connections with strong and encrypted passwords. It is important to refresh your computer from time to time as well. Some computers have routers which are not patched or updated.


Smart internet habits

There are many phishing campaigns on the internet day in day out. You must be careful not to fall prey for such. Hackers are getting advanced daily. They always come up with something new to get what they need. Before opening new emails, check who the sender is. Only open emails from genuine companies or people. If you cannot identify the sender, pay attention to the sentence structure, selection, and formatting.

Change your passwords from time to time

passwordsIt is always advisable to use strong and difficult passwords. Another tip on passwords is that you need to change your passwords often. Never use the same password for all your accounts or devices. Some people use same passwords for purposes or easy remembrance, but it is never a good idea. If you must use the same password, install password manager. Two-step authentication is another great move to make sure that your computer is safe from hackers.…